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Charity Organization International Charitable Fund “Oasis” – was founded in June 2014 on the initiative of patriotic citizens. The reason for the emergence of the idea of ​​creating the Fund was the deepening of the socio-economic crisis, the threat to the sovereignty of Ukraine, its integrity and statehood, the emergence of extremist groups, and the strengthening of external military aggression.

The escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine, which began in April 2014 with the seizure of administrative buildings and police stations by armed groups of pro-Russian activists, quickly turned into a large-scale military conflict. Organized and led by Russian specialists, the illegal armed formations of the self-proclaimed LPR and DPR, with the support of regular military units of the Russian Federation, sought to sow chaos in our country, destroy its economy and infrastructure, and separate territories important for Russia in the geopolitical aspect.

Back in 2014, the best representatives of the Ukrainian nation stood against the occupiers and their henchmen, trying to stop terror, criminal activities of extremist groups, ensure the protection of peaceful citizens, and prevent Ukraine from being torn apart. Our soldiers with alive shield blocked the enemy’s path to further invasion of Ukraine.

Among the causes of significant human and material losses at the beginning of any war and during its course/escalation are numerous deficiencies in the system of supplying troops. The state did not provide our fighters with enough of personal protective equipment, clothing and shoes, even food and water. The help could be expected only from citizens, enterprises, organizations of Ukraine and from abroad.

Therefore, since the beginning of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (hereinafter ATO), our Fund has been engaged in collecting funds to ensure the material and technical needs of the National Guard and volunteer battalions of the ATO. We supplied military uniforms and personal protective equipment from Great Britain with the support of the Ukrainian community of Manchester. Everything purchased was delivered directly to the combat units of the ATO – the “Volunteer Ukrainian Corps”, the “Aidar” and “Dnipo” battalions in a short time, without bureaucratic delays. We understood then and today that our fighters on the front lines should feel the warm support of their native people, citizens of other countries, who do not care about the future of the new Ukraine.

Since the beginning of military aggression in February 2022 by Russia, we have resumed our active activities and are now directing our efforts to attract voluntary contributions, donations and other income from citizens and legal entities of Ukraine and from abroad for the formation and use of target capital in order to support the Fund’s charitable projects.

Our task is to collect funds through the activities of the Fund. We have started to provide practical assistance in stabilizing the situation in the country. Working in the interests of Ukrainian society and certain categories of citizens, we had the goal of raising the international authority of Ukraine abroad, promoting the development of international cooperation. The main goal and strategy of the Fund was and is to create conditions for improving the quality of life of compatriots, which is the key to the victory of Ukraine and the further sustainable development of the entire Ukrainian state.

We are trying to focus our attention and work on supporting the most vulnerable population groups and solving the most painful issues of territorial communities, which by their nature do not have and will not have opportunities for independent recovery after the victory of Ukraine.




Efficiency. Deep knowledge and work experience of our employees and volunteers are a guarantee of rationality and effectiveness of the organization as a whole.




Serhii Didenko

Retired Major General of Police, Honored Transporter of Ukraine



Oleksandr Kulak


Oleksandr Parshyn

Entrepreneur, consultant on international projects


Volodymyr Panchenko

Businessman, Honored builder of Ukraine


Yusifov Akshyn Salver Ogly



Oleh Bokii



Pavlykivskyi Oleh
Olesiia Chumakova
Roman Osykovyi
Andrii Pasko