2. Demining.
To solve problems with humanitarian demining, the foundation started cooperation with the International demining operator The Development Initiative, Ltd (Great Britain).
From our side, assistance was provided to representatives of the international demining company TDI, Ltd (UK) regarding the organization of meetings with government representatives, certification of demining activities in Ukraine, the need to obtain permits, search for partners and purchasers of demining services, and consulting on the subtleties of conducting activities in Ukraine . Assistance was also provided with the preparation of documents for a visit to Ukraine, translation, meetings were organized and held with representatives of the Ministry of Reintegration (09.05.2022), the State Emergency Service (09.06.2022) and the Ministry of Defense (09.07.2022), representatives of the Agrarian Union of Small Farmers, representatives of legal and accounting consulting companies regarding the legalization of future activities on the territory of Ukraine.